Sharx Security SCNC3924

The SCNC3924 is a rock-solid indoor/outdoor camera that delivers high-quality HD video at 30fps in just about any environment. 


Technology can be frustrating, and it often (almost always) strictly abides by Murphy's Law in that any problems you encounter will occur at the most inconvenient time. A technological glitch can certainly be frustrating when you're dealing with a failure in your music streaming service or a connection issue with your fitness device. That same glitch in a security camera system can mean missing an important video event. For that reason, it's critical to me that my video security equipment is rock solid reliable, and that's why all of my cameras are Sharx Security cameras. 

I have several security cameras around my property. They record video and audio 24/7/365, but I only need video from them if something of interest happens. The vast majority of the time, I don't pay any attention to them, but every once in a while, something will happen on my property and I'll pull video from one or more of my cameras. Sharx Security cameras have been reliable and dependable, and some of them have been in continuous operation for many years. (I seriously mean 24x7x365 operation for well over 5 years without a hiccup. I'm not exaggerating.)

Sharx Security SCNC3924My latest camera from Sharx Security is the SCNC3924. The SCNC3924 is a WiFi-capable HD camera that provides 30fps video. It's in a rock-solid, waterproof enclosure, so you can put it anywhere. For best results, you should use a wired connection, and Sharx Security ships the camera with a waterproof housing for the electrical and Ethernet connections.  

Like all of Sharx Security other cameras, the SCNC3924 comes with full-featured software right inside the camera. You can use it to record continuously, record on a schedule, record when there's motion, and more. You also use the software to change settings for the camera, including enabling and disabling the high-quality IR illuminators that allow the SCNC3924 to see in the dark. (For full details on the internal software, see our review of the Sharx Security SCNC3804 camera.)

Of course, you don't have to use the internal software in the camera. Sharx Security cameras are supported in most video surveillance software out there. I use Blue Iris with all of my cameras, and it works great. (Check our our review of Blue Iris.) 

If you're looking for an excellent (and non-proprietary) video surveillance camera, look no further than Sharx Security. They have plenty of models available, and one is sure to fit your needs. Check them out at



Sharx Security SCNC3924

What We Like

  High-quality camera built like a tank.
  Quality full HD 1080p video.
  On-board software provides everything you need.
  Extremely good support and user guide.

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